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    The Fan

  • Selling the Shirt Off Your Back
    The Fan | Dec 2015

    Selling the Shirt Off Your Back

    How long will it be until American sports teams begin putting ads on their jerseys?

  • The Final Turn
    The Fan | Nov 2015

    The Final Turn

    On the eve of his retirement, Jeff Gordon looks back at a career that redefined NASCAR

  • One Day at a Time
    The Fan | Oct 2015

    One Day at a Time

    Daily competition is making the great American pastime, fantasy sports, even more immersive for fans

  • Kicking It in LA?
    The Fan | Sep 2015

    Kicking It in LA?

    It’s been two decades since an NFL team called Los Angeles home. That might change soon.

  • Ref Life
    The Fan | Aug 2015

    Ref Life

    It’s long been said that English soccer referees need to have a thick skin, but it’s getting to the point where they need armored personnel carriers

  • All Things Big and Small
    The Fan | Jul 2015

    All Things Big and Small

    This year’s Baseball Hall of Fame class features two pitchers who dominated from opposite ends of the physical spectrum

  • Time Isn’t on Their Side
    The Fan | Jun 2015

    Time Isn’t on Their Side

    With the attention spans of fans growing shorter and the games getting longer, Major League Baseball attempts to speed things up

  • Monaco vs. Indy
    The Fan | May 2015

    Monaco vs. Indy

    The Monaco Grand Prix and Indianapolis 500 take place on the same day this month. Which race should you attend?

  • The Cuban Invasion
    The Fan | Apr 2015

    The Cuban Invasion

    Major League Baseball has seen an influx of Cuban players in recent years. Will the U.S.’s move to normalize relations with the baseball-mad country bring even more stars stateside?

  • The Americans Are Coming
    The Fan | Mar 2015

    The Americans Are Coming

    The professional U.S. soccer league is steadily gaining fans in … England?

  • What’s Up, Doc?
    The Fan | Feb 2015

    What’s Up, Doc?

    Think the latest injury to your favorite athlete sounds as though someone invented it? You may be right.

  • Bionic Ballplayers
    The Fan | Jan 2015

    Bionic Ballplayers

    How sports science is helping professional athletes raise their performance

  • The Undisputed Champion?
    The Fan | Dec 2014

    The Undisputed Champion?

    With a new playoff system, college football seeks to end a tradition of convoluted, often unsuccessful attempts to award a national title

  • There’s No Place Like Home?
    The Fan | Oct 2014

    There’s No Place Like Home?

    Note to LeBron James: The hero treatment doesn’t always last for athletes who return to play for their hometown teams

  • Playing by the Numbers
    The Fan | Oct 2014

    Playing by the Numbers

    The stats revolution isn’t just for baseball anymore

  • Bait and Switch
    The Fan | Sep 2014

    Bait and Switch

    After a high-tech salmon-catching expedition, a skeptic realizes the joys of slow fishing

  • Armed and Delicate
    The Fan | Aug 2014

    Armed and Delicate

    Baseball pitchers throw far fewer innings and are treated much more carefully than they once were. So why are they getting hurt more than ever?

  • Get off my lawn!
    The Fan | Jul 2014

    Get off my lawn!

    For a small band of British greenskeepers, the Tour de France’s arrival in England spells nothing but trouble

  • Betting on the Jockey
    The Fan | Jun 2014

    Betting on the Jockey

    At this year’s Belmont Stakes, forget the horse and put your money on the rider

  • Girl Power
    The Fan | May 2014

    Girl Power

    The gladiators of the U.S.’s ladies’ arm wrestling leagues say their sport is more than just a sideshow

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