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  • The 2015 Hemi concierge
    Packages | May 2015

    The 2015 Hemi concierge

    Our annual look at the world’s hottest new hotel openings

  • The World’s Next Great Cities
    Packages | Apr 2015

    The World’s Next Great Cities

    Our yearly look at eight up-and-coming metropolises that promise to make the world a tastier, more stylish, artsier, better-designed, greener, more diverse and altogether more beautiful place

  • Lights, Camera, Travel!
    Packages | Feb 2015

    Lights, Camera, Travel!

    Leave the cinematography and sound editing awards to the Academy. In this, our first annual Hemi Awards, we’ve chosen our favorite films of the past year based on one simple criterion: Did they make us want to book a flight?

  • 2015: the Year Ahead
    Packages | Jan 2015

    2015: the Year Ahead

    What to see, what to do and where to go

  • The Caribbean from A to Z
    Packages | Dec 2014

    The Caribbean from A to Z

    If you think of the Caribbean as a homogeneous region of swaying palm trees, white-sand beaches, frosty tropical drinks and not much else,think again. This collection of more than 7,000 islands is a wildly diverse melting pot, a microcosm of the entire planet where American, French, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, African, Indian, Brazilian, Mayan and indigenous influences have come together to create a wholly unique cultural hybrid. Here, we go island hopping—from ackee to zouk.

  • 25 reasons we’re stoked about this year’s ski season
    Packages | Oct 2014

    25 reasons we’re stoked about this year’s ski season

    The 2014–2015 ski season kicks off to a flurry of updates, renovations and openings. From the Alps to the Rockies to the volcanic slopes of Japan, skiers and snowboarders alike will find plenty to get excited about this year. Here, we present 25 reasons—big and small—why we can’t wait to hit the slopes this season.

  • Wonder Women
    Features, Packages | Oct 2014

    Wonder Women

    Five female tech entrepreneurs who never got the memo that the field was dominated by men

  • The New Adventurers
    Packages | Jul 2014

    The New Adventurers

    In the world of extreme sports, creative adrenaline junkies are giving new meaning to the term “mash-up”

  • Everything You Need to Know About World Cup 2014… kinda sorta
    Packages | Jun 2014

    Everything You Need to Know About World Cup 2014… kinda sorta

    Our semi-essential guide to the world’s favorite sporting event

  • The Toys of Summer
    Packages | May 2014

    The Toys of Summer

    No matter where you’re headed on summer vacation, we’ve got the stuff to get your suitcase in gear

  • The Next  Old Thing
    Packages | Apr 2014

    The Next Old Thing

    What would yesterday’s innovators have thought of today’s tech gadgets?

  • Gold rush
    Packages | Feb 2014

    Gold rush

    While the rest of us hibernate, these 11 American Olympians are braving the ice and snow in pursuit of a medal at the Sochi Games. They took a breather to talk to Hemispheres.

  • 24 (of the Strangest) Things to Do in 2014
    Packages | Jan 2014

    24 (of the Strangest) Things to Do in 2014

    Mardi Gras, the World Cup, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? You don’t need our help to mark those events on your calendar. But if you want to eat roadkill or carry your wife for prizes, we found a few other events you might enjoy.

  • Island Treasures
    Packages | Dec 2013

    Island Treasures

    The best things come from places you can only reach by bridge, boat or plane

  • The Ski Poll
    Packages | Nov 2013

    The Ski Poll

    Hitting the slopes this season? Take some tips from those in the know

  • Property Peepshow
    Packages | Oct 2013

    Property Peepshow

    When it comes to luxury real estate, admit it, you like to watch

  • The Hemispheres Design Special
    Packages | Aug 2013

    The Hemispheres Design Special

    From branded street artists to 14th-century cobblers, style takes a turn for both the new and old

  • Fire & Ice (and Everything in Between)
    Packages | Jul 2013

    Fire & Ice (and Everything in Between)

    At its heart, adventure travel is about testing limits—of altitude, temperature and, at times, good sense. Here, some thrill-seeking pros explain the urge to take things to extremes.

  • And for the Next Dish…
    Packages | Jun 2013

    And for the Next Dish…

    What’s on the menu for 2013

  • A Family Afar
    Packages | May 2013

    A Family Afar

    Our 2013 family travel special rounds up tales of trips that, while they didn’t go exactly as planned, ended up providing memories for a lifetime

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