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    Hemi IQ

  • Haul of the Wild
    Hemi IQ | Apr 2016

    Haul of the Wild

    Grocery shopping meets hiking at a California resort

  • Through Her Eyes
    Hemi IQ | Apr 2016

    Through Her Eyes

    A collective of Middle Eastern female photographers brings a new perspective to D.C.

  • April in Paris
    Hemi IQ | Apr 2016

    April in Paris

    Hotels where you can spend springtime in Paris

  • Taking Stock
    Hemi IQ | Apr 2016

    Taking Stock

    Bartenders trace trendy bone broth’s boozy backstory

  • The Numbers Game
    Hemi IQ | Apr 2016

    The Numbers Game

    Dev Patel fakes it as a math genius in The Man Who Knew Infinity

  • Green Rooms
    Hemi IQ | Mar 2016

    Green Rooms

    Three garden-variety urban getaways

  • Partners in Rhyme
    Hemi IQ | Mar 2016

    Partners in Rhyme

    Steve Martin and Edie Brickell team up to create a Broadway musical

  • Houston, We Have an Exhibition
    Hemi IQ | Mar 2016

    Houston, We Have an Exhibition

    Back in 2014, Seattle-based artist and curator Greg Lundgren wrote a blog post about an imaginary contest to put art on the moon—a spoof that quickly developed into a real obsession. “I think about it all the time,” he said in the run-up to a new show that will bring him closer to realizing his […]

  • Asheville Abuzz
    Hemi IQ | Mar 2016

    Asheville Abuzz

    Is a North Carolina mountain town becoming the Napa Valley of honey?

  • Queen of Hearts
    Hemi IQ | Feb 2016

    Queen of Hearts

    Twenty albums on, Bonnie Raitt proves she can still make us love her

  • A Century of British Vogue
    Hemi IQ | Feb 2016

    A Century of British Vogue

    British Vogue turns the big 1-0-0 this year, and London’s National Portrait Gallery is celebrating the iconic magazine with a decades-spanning retrospective, Vogue 100: A Century of Style, which gathers 280 prints from the publication’s vast archives. The figures behind the camera (titans like Helmut Newton and Herb Ritts) are almost as legendary as those […]

  • Touchdown Song-and-Dance
    Hemi IQ | Jan 2016

    Touchdown Song-and-Dance

    Heisman Trophy winner and NFL star Eddie George on transitioning to the Broadway stage

  • On New Delhi Style
    Hemi IQ, Style | Jan 2016

    On New Delhi Style

    After three years working at prominent accounting firms, Urvashi Kumar traded finance for fashion in her hometown of New Delhi. Now, all she’s counting is the number of red lipsticks—the inspiration for the name of her style blog, The Right Shade of Red—that she owns (about 15, for the record). “Keeping it simple yet classy […]

  • Shooting Stars
    Hemi IQ | Jan 2016

    Shooting Stars

    An out-of-this-world photo exhibit at London’s Natural History Museum

  • This Month’s Hottest Hotels
    Hemi IQ, Stay | Jan 2016

    This Month’s Hottest Hotels

    W is for Wet An LA hide-away uses water as its inspiration  Considering it’s only a short stroll from UCLA and a quick drive from Beverly Hills and Brentwood, it’s surprising how much the W Los Angeles West Beverly Hills feels like a retreat. But that was all part of the plan. Last year’s $25 million renovation recast […]

  • The Joy of Sticks
    Hemi IQ | Jan 2016

    The Joy of Sticks

    Lucy Liu on how to beat people up in style

  • Saddle Up
    Hemi IQ | Jan 2016

    Saddle Up

    Highway 1 looks even better atop a horse