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  • Beijing Bop
    Features | Mar 2012

    Beijing Bop

    Change is the order of the day in China, but the country’s dizzying transformation from closed society to consumerist hub has had one unexpected byproduct: rock ’n’ roll. Welcome to Beijing, where a long-simmering underground scene is finally coming to a boil.

  • Running Man
    Features | Feb 2012

    Running Man

    When an intrepid writer travels to Greece to retrace the steps of the first marathon runner, he finds the birthplace of democracy at a historic crossroads. He also finds foot pain. Lots of foot pain.

  • A Land Apart
    Features | Jan 2012

    A Land Apart

    Touting itself as a sovereign state, the tiny Italian town of Seborga has its own prince, its own passports and its own currency — and with a new leader in place, all the ambition and intrigue of a much, much larger country.

  • Aloha, China!
    Features | Dec 2011

    Aloha, China!

    If everything goes according to plan, by 2020 the Chinese island of Hainan will be fully transformed from a failed export hub to a tropical paradise, and one that Beijing promises will be nothing less than the “Hawaii of the East.” Can they pull it off?

  • Toil and Trouble
    Features | Nov 2011

    Toil and Trouble

    In recent years, the world’s theater scene has been struggling. But amid the doldrums, one intrepid British stage company hit it very, very big by combining Macbeth, Hitchcock and, most important, you, all in the creaky confines of an abandoned Manhattan hotel.

  • The Pitch
    Features | Oct 2011

    The Pitch

    While China is no stranger to Western sports, the man leading Major League Baseball’s attempt to sell the country on America’s Pastime has his work cut out for him. First up: learning how to pronounce his players’ names.

  • Wing and a Prayer
    Features | Oct 2011

    Wing and a Prayer

    Extreme birding is an obsession requiring an inhuman degree of patience and devotion. Our writer learns what it takes on a search for one of Spain’s rarest (and strangest) birds.

  • Dance Revolution
    Features | Sep 2011

    Dance Revolution

    After years of damage, neglect, scandal and corruption, Moscow’s beloved Bolshoi Theatre is poised to reclaim its place as the ballet world’s preeminent venue.

  • Durian in Tomorrowland
    Features | Aug 2011

    Durian in Tomorrowland

    A culinary tour of Singapore reveals that in a city where “Have you eaten already?” is the standard greeting and a certain fruit is banned from hotels because of its pungent aroma, food always comes first.

  • The Ghost Buster
    Features | Aug 2011

    The Ghost Buster

    Gutsy gourmands all over the world can’t get enough of the ghost pepper, a delicacy 200 times hotter than a jalapeño. We venture to a remote sliver of northeastern India to find out what makes them sweat-worthy.

  • Playing God
    Features | Jul 2011

    Playing God

    Video game wunderkind Jason Rohrer gets into the minds of players and takes the art of gaming mainstream

  • The Lizard King
    Features | Jun 2011

    The Lizard King

    For many years, invasive species have wreaked havoc in Florida. On one picturesque island on the Gulf Coast, a determined man fights back. Iguanas beware.

  • Kick Starters
    Features | Jun 2011

    Kick Starters

    Muay Thai, a centuries-old form of mixed martial arts, is an obsession in Thailand. We catch Tee U.S., one of its most promising practitioners, on the eve of the biggest fight of his life.

  • On the Edge
    Features | May 2011

    On the Edge

    Climber Alex Honnold, 25, has inspired both awe and outrage by performing some of the world’s most fearsome climbs without ropes or safety equipment. How high can he go?

  • The Wrestler
    Features | Apr 2011

    The Wrestler

    Amid a string of devastating SCANDALS, Japanese sumo has turned to THE WRESTLER unlikely saviors like BARUTO, a big, genial Estonian, to restore this 2,000-year-old sport to GLORY. Story by Kevin Gray • Illustration by Raul Allen

  • Magic Man
    Features | Apr 2011

    Magic Man

    Illusionist David Copperfield’s latest trick is conjuring up the world’s most luxurious, mysterious (and expensive) island retreat.

  • Meal Plan
    Features | Mar 2011

    Meal Plan

    For decades, school administrators have struggled and failed to improve student lunches. This (slightly mad) professor offers a different approach: tricking kids into eating well. It’s Working.

  • Parting the Sea
    Features | Feb 2011

    Parting the Sea

    WHEN THE SEA COMES FOR VENICE, which happens mostly in the fall and winter, the following occurs: First, the local authority activates a siren located at Punta della Salute, across from the Piazza San Marco.

  • Wild and Woolly
    Features | Jan 2011

    Wild and Woolly

    Artist Magda Sayeg leads a warm and fuzzy band of guerrilla knitters.

  • Paradise Found
    Features | Dec 2010

    Paradise Found

    Don’t forget the sunscreen at Fiji’s Laucala Island and a host of other glamorous, secluded beaches around the world.

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