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  • Getting Serious
    Culture | Sep 2014

    Getting Serious

    British comedic actor Simon Pegg, best known for apocalyptic farce, takes a turn for the dramatic

  • Ready for Blastoff
    Culture | Aug 2014

    Ready for Blastoff

    According to Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, sometimes you need a Z-lister to make a proper Hollywood space epic

  • Kind of a Big Deal
    Culture | Aug 2014

    Kind of a Big Deal

    In Happy Christmas—and other endeavors—Anna Kendrick proves that many good things can come in a small package

  • One for the Ages
    Culture | Jul 2014

    One for the Ages

    Richard Linklater’s latest tale of growing up took 12 years to film

  • Film Theory
    Culture | Jul 2014

    Film Theory

    At the risk of sounding cynical, we can’t help but notice that this month’s movies follow a familiar formula: Come up with a theme, cobble together a few elements from similar films, and voilà—instant classic! So how do you build a summer blockbuster for 2014? It’s elementary.

  • Apocalypse and Soccer Moms
    Culture | Jul 2014

    Apocalypse and Soccer Moms

    Tom Perrotta swaps the suburbs for weirder territory

  • The Last Ha-Ha
    Culture | Jul 2014

    The Last Ha-Ha

    The Monty Python team prepare to play their final gig. Probably.

  • Parole Denied
    Culture | Jun 2014

    Parole Denied

    “Orange Is the New Black” fans are happy Laura Prepon is still behind bars

  • On the Road with John Waters
    Culture | Jun 2014

    On the Road with John Waters

    If you were driving on I-70 in the spring of 2012, you may have passed a guy with a pencil-thin mustache, a sign reading “I’m Not Psycho” and an odd resemblance to filmmaker John Waters

  • Cooking for Laughs
    Culture | Jun 2014

    Cooking for Laughs

    Food Network’s Alton Brown says food is the medium, not the message

  • The Commencement Bowl
    Culture | May 2014

    The Commencement Bowl

    Your college years really are the best of your life—which becomes apparent when you’re on the threshold of the real world, with its “laundromats” and “jobs.” To prepare grads, colleges recruit public figures to deliver existential pep talks. Landing the best speakers, meanwhile, has become a kind of intercollegiate sport. Here, with commencement season upon us, a look at this year’s rivalries.

  • A Tough Act to Follow
    Culture | May 2014

    A Tough Act to Follow

    Joel McHale, on trying to out-funny the president at the White House Correspondents Dinner

  • When It Rains, She Shines
    Culture | May 2014

    When It Rains, She Shines

    Sarah McLachlan on her latest album, her melancholy streak and the importance of having a lighter side

  • The Month Ahead
    Culture | Apr 2014

    The Month Ahead

    What to read, watch and listen to in April

  • Game of Clones
    Culture | Mar 2014

    Game of Clones

    Kermit lovers are in for a treat this month, with the U.S. release of Muppets Most Wanted (March 21). Fans of HBO’s “Game of Thrones,” meanwhile, are gearing up for the upcoming fourth season. But is there any crossover appeal? This would seem unlikely, but a close look at the characters reveals a number of startling similarities…

  • The Month Ahead
    Culture | Mar 2014

    The Month Ahead

    What to read, watch and listen to in March

  • The Month Ahead
    Culture | Feb 2014

    The Month Ahead

    What to read, watch and listen to in February

  • The Winter of Our Content
    Culture | Jan 2014

    The Winter of Our Content

    With two new shows premiering this month, HBO is hoping you’ll get snowed in

  • New Year’s Revolutions
    Culture | Jan 2014

    New Year’s Revolutions

    With all the resolution-making and “Auld Lang Syne” singing, it’s hard not to get reflective at the turn of the new year. Ramping up the nostalgia even further are three new releases from some of our favorite bands from the ’90s. So, dig out the flannel and crank up the angst as we rate these records in terms of Gen. X factor.

  • The Month Ahead: Books
    Culture | Jan 2014

    The Month Ahead: Books

    This month, political and cultural humorist P.J. O’Rourke takes aim at an entire generation

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