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  • Mr. Fix-It
    Tech | Jul 2013

    Mr. Fix-It

    An internet entrepreneur is trying to change the way we think about our disposable gadgets, one repaired smartphone at a time

  • Chop and Change
    Tech | Jun 2013

    Chop and Change

    How last week’s pasta is on track to become the next big thing in environmental sustainability

  • Still Life With Emulator
    Tech | May 2013

    Still Life With Emulator

    Computer history gets a reboot

  • The Pocket CPA
    Tech | Apr 2013

    The Pocket CPA

    Software remedies for tax season headaches

  • Roll Over, Galileo
    Tech | Mar 2013

    Roll Over, Galileo

    A new generation of citizen scientists is taking discovery out of the ivory tower and onto the street

  • Big Data Is Watching You
    Tech | Feb 2013

    Big Data Is Watching You

    A new generation of supercomputers is allowing us to process information in ways that were once unimaginable—and which remain unpredictable

  • What’s the Big Idea?
    Tech | Jan 2013

    What’s the Big Idea?

    Silicon Valley’s swashbuckling pioneers have given way to legions of tinkerers. One lifetime tech fanatic issues a call for a return to grand ambition.

  • (140) Character Study
    Tech | Dec 2012

    (140) Character Study

    Twitter revolutionized the way we communicate by allowing users to determine what it should be. But now that it’s decided to be something new—highly profitable—will twitter lose the very thing that made it special?

  • Core Contentions
    Tech | Nov 2012

    Core Contentions

    How the epic legal battle between Apple and Samsumg helped unravel the Steve Jobs myth

  • High Windows
    Tech | Oct 2012

    High Windows

    Contrary to popular belief, Microsoft’s latest operating system might just help usher in a new computer age

  • The Game Plan
    Tech | Aug 2012

    The Game Plan

    How TV networks are using sports programming to stave off extinction

  • Strike Up the Bandwidth
    Tech | Jul 2012

    Strike Up the Bandwidth

    With smartphone data usage skyrocketing, we’re fast approaching the limits of what cellular networks can handle. One writer offers his (unpopular but nevertheless sensible) solution to the coming crunch.

  • Bright Lights
    Tech | Jun 2012

    Bright Lights

    Smart TVs are quickly moving from novelty to ubiquity — but when will they become the wise choice for consumers?

  • Am I Blu?
    Tech | May 2012

    Am I Blu?

    A movie buff rides to the defense of Blu-ray

  • When in Roam
    Tech | Apr 2012

    When in Roam

    How to get the most from your smartphone abroad

  • Touch and Go
    Tech | Mar 2012

    Touch and Go

    With head-turning looks and cutting-edge specs, the latest Android tablets promise to give the iPad a run for its money

  • Cloud Control
    Tech | Feb 2012

    Cloud Control

    Personal storage solutions for on-the-go media junkies

  • Strong Silent Types
    Tech | Dec 2011

    Strong Silent Types

    Headphones and earbuds that keep outside noise where it belongs

  • News (in a) Flash
    Tech | Nov 2011

    News (in a) Flash

    The best of the nextgeneration newsreaders

  • Work Crew
    Tech | Oct 2011

    Work Crew

    Laptops for road warriors

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