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  • The Graying of the Web
    Tech | Nov 2015

    The Graying of the Web

    Two decades after its inception, the digital world is starting to look (and act) its age

  • Telling on Ourselves
    Tech | Sep 2015

    Telling on Ourselves

    We guard ourselves against digital snoops and identity thieves but continue to tell the world about our drinking habits, romantic peccadilloes and what we really think about Brian in accounting

  • Up in the Air
    Tech | May 2015

    Up in the Air

    The U.S.’s cautious approach to commercial drone use is causing Americans to miss out on super-speedy package delivery and, possibly, a future economic bonanza

  • Coming Soon: X-Ray Specs
    Tech | Mar 2015

    Coming Soon: X-Ray Specs

    New biotech materials could turn us all into superheroes

  • Bluetooth Is the New Black
    Tech | Jan 2015

    Bluetooth Is the New Black

    The fashion world is embracing digital technology in a big way; soon, your clothing will be smarter than you are

  • iCandy
    Tech | Dec 2014


    Apple is set to lead the way in the inevitable fusion of high tech and high fashion

  • Rise of the Mini Makers
    Tech | Oct 2014

    Rise of the Mini Makers

    How 3-D printing, the most transformative technological innovation of our time, is taking toy production back to basics

  • Hard Choices
    Tech | Oct 2014

    Hard Choices

    A new line of intentionally irritating products aims to encourage more responsible decision making

  • I am woman, hear me code
    Tech | Jul 2014

    I am woman, hear me code

    Even in the seemingly progressive world of high tech, women face outdated stereotypes. Female-friendly incubators are giving them a space to thrive.

  • Bleep, Boop, Zing!
    Tech | Jun 2014

    Bleep, Boop, Zing!

    A joke-telling robot might not sound very useful, but there’s a lot more to an automaton’s standup routine than making people laugh

  • Screen saviors
    Tech | May 2014

    Screen saviors

    It seems there are no problems too small for app developers to solve. But, in doing so, they may accidentally solve much larger ones, too.

  • Ifs, ands and bots
    Tech | Apr 2014

    Ifs, ands and bots

    Google’s breakneck acquisitions of robotics companies have sparked fevered speculation among gizmologists over what the tech giant is up to

  • There’s money in grumpy cat
    Tech | Mar 2014

    There’s money in grumpy cat

    How a college dropout made a killing as the world’s leading (and only) manager of Internet memes

  • The happy ending you asked for
    Tech | Feb 2014

    The happy ending you asked for

    Publishers and producers are studying audiences’ online metrics and giving the people what they want—for better or worse

  • The Next Old Thing
    Tech | Jan 2014

    The Next Old Thing

    Steampunk’s devotion to the mechanical used to seem eccentric; today, it could be the key to customizing your smartphone

  • Friends with Benefits
    Tech | Dec 2013

    Friends with Benefits

    A social networking site for scientists is helping the Internet fulfill its original mission

  • It’s All Connected
    Tech | Nov 2013

    It’s All Connected

    Pretty soon, even your trousers will have their own Twitter account

  • I, smartphone
    Tech | Oct 2013

    I, smartphone

    As we try to wrap our heads around Google Glass, a new generation of wearable computers is on the way. Will digital pills prove too much to swallow?

  • Give It To Me Straight
    Tech | Sep 2013

    Give It To Me Straight

    How Alan Alda, neighborhood bars and mime fit into an ongoing campaign to get scientists to tell it like it is

  • Stop the Presses
    Tech | Aug 2013

    Stop the Presses

    How the iPhone ushered in the end of the once-beloved button

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