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  • Coconut is the New Kale
    Industry | Dec 2015

    Coconut is the New Kale

    America’s race to find the next big superfood has spawned a multibillion dollar industry that is half science, half showbiz

  • Hidden Talents
    Industry | Oct 2015

    Hidden Talents

    Deloitte CEO Cathy Engelbert has spent the bulk of her career in the shadows—which is exactly how she likes it

  • Let’s Not Uber Do It
    Industry | Aug 2015

    Let’s Not Uber Do It

    The best thing about staying in a fancy hotel has always been that you can press a button and someone will instantly bring you a drink or a meal. Press another and you can get an extra blanket, or somebody to sew a button onto your shirt. It’s like having your mom on call. Now, thanks […]

  • Your Ride, Sir
    Industry | Jul 2015

    Your Ride, Sir

    The recession may be behind us, but affluent consumers still want to appear thrifty—albeit at inflated prices

  • The Talent Show
    Industry | Jun 2015

    The Talent Show

    These days, the traditional ink-on-paper résumé just won’t do

  • Brooklyn, Inc.
    Industry | Apr 2015

    Brooklyn, Inc.

    From Starbucks to McDonald’s, a number of global brands are looking to stay relevant with a hipster makeover

  • The Big Chill
    Industry | Feb 2015

    The Big Chill

    Ryan Grepper launched a Kickstarter campaign for a new kind of cooler. How was he to know he’d raise too much money?

  • Lights, Camera, Recycle!
    Industry | Dec 2014

    Lights, Camera, Recycle!

    Hollywood’s penchant for rehashing old, worn-out ideas is finally being put to good use

  • Plenty for Everyone
    Industry | Oct 2014

    Plenty for Everyone

    The sharing economy has been touted as the epitome of the Internet’s populist ideals. With people like Anup Desai in the fray, it may just live up to its promise.

  • The Next Small Thing
    Industry | Sep 2014

    The Next Small Thing

    A new wave of brash young developers is posing challenges to the products—and the street cred—of the tech giants

  • Pitches from Heaven
    Industry | Aug 2014

    Pitches from Heaven

    The Wright brothers may have been first in aviation, but there are plenty of celebrities who fly just as high when it comes to marketing from beyond the grave

  • Tokyo Rising
    Industry | Jul 2014

    Tokyo Rising

    Japanese retailers are currently blazing a trail across the United States, causing some to ask: What do they have that we don’t?

  • Think inc.
    Industry | Jun 2014

    Think inc.

    The generation of ideas has become a booming, billion-dollar business, but is anyone actually benefitting?

  • ModCloth’s Customers  Are Always Right
    Industry | May 2014

    ModCloth’s Customers Are Always Right

    The online fashion retailer that made it big by blurring the line between shopper and seller, then erasing it completely

  • Citizen Draper
    Industry | Apr 2014

    Citizen Draper

    Crowdsourcing is poised to change the way advertisements are made, which isn’t the best news for Madison Avenue

  • Red carpet retail
    Industry | Mar 2014

    Red carpet retail

    To stem the tide of online shopping, traditional retailers are inviting customers to come in, put their feet up—and leave the credit cards at home

  • War, inc.
    Industry | Feb 2014

    War, inc.

    Corporate leaders learn to prevail in business on the bloody battlefields of Europe

  • PR for the People
    Industry | Jan 2014

    PR for the People

    Image management—not just for celebrities anymore

  • Music for the Masses
    Industry | Dec 2013

    Music for the Masses

    From four-note “sonic logos” to full-blown commercial anthems, how a former rock ’n’ roll hopeful conquered the advertising world

  • Meat and Greet
    Industry | Nov 2013

    Meat and Greet

    This summer saw the unveiling of the world’s first “stem cell burger,” with decidedly mixed results

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