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  • Wonder Women
    Hero | Apr 2011

    Wonder Women

    Boston-based reflect and strengthen is creating a grassroots movement for those in need. // By Layla Schlack // Photograph by Ernesto Arroyo

  • Live Feed
    Hero | Mar 2011

    Live Feed

    For 35 years, this radio DJ and activist has been helping Americans get enough to eat.

  • Goals Oriented
    Hero | Feb 2011

    Goals Oriented

    By Layla Schlack //Photograph by Tony Luong WHO: DYLAN MAHALINGAM, 15 MISSION: “To empower and engage youth around the world to get more involved in making the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) happen,” says Mahalingam. Those goals, set by the U.N., include universal education, ending poverty and stopping […]

  • The Lunch Man
    Hero | Jan 2011

    The Lunch Man

    Chef Bill Telepan gives school lunch a healthy makeover.

  • High Tee
    Hero | Dec 2010

    High Tee

    Beth Doane’s Rain Tees bring relief to the Amazon.

  • In the Tall Grass
    Hero | Nov 2010

    In the Tall Grass

    Philip and Katy Leakey carry on a family legacy through their work with the Maasai.

  • Planting the Seed
    Hero | Oct 2010

    Planting the Seed

    Urban farmer Will Allen’s got a good thing growing.

  • Promise Keeper
    Hero | Sep 2010

    Promise Keeper

    Tommy Hilfiger has a new passion: combating global poverty.

  • The Shaman’s Apprentice
    Hero | Aug 2010

    The Shaman’s Apprentice

    Mark Plotkin relies on new technology and ancient medicine to save the Amazon.

  • Building Peace
    Hero | Jul 2010

    Building Peace

    Prosper Ndabishuriye works to rebuild war-torn Burundi house by house.

  • The Health Inspector
    Hero | Jun 2010

    The Health Inspector

    Howard Schiffer helps make sure children around the world take their vitamins.

  • Instruments of Change
    Hero | May 2010

    Instruments of Change

    Bandleader Yoshio Toyama owes his career in jazz to the city of New Orleans. With the Wonderful World Jazz Foundation, he says thank you in a language everyone understands: music.

  • A Natural Remedy
    Hero | Apr 2010

    A Natural Remedy

    Veronique Matthews enlists miniature horses in an effort to alleviate chronic pain.

  • Accelerated Learning
    Hero | Mar 2010

    Accelerated Learning

    Anthony Martin puts kids on the fast track at his Urban Youth Racing School.

  • Building Bridges
    Hero | Feb 2010

    Building Bridges

    Shaun Duvall forges connections between Midwestern farmers and their Mexican employees.

  • Power Play
    Hero | Jan 2010

    Power Play

    Twenty-seven-year-old Jon Azrielant plans to save the world by circling it in an electric car.

  • Teen Spirit
    Hero | Dec 2009

    Teen Spirit

    In between soccer practice, swim meets and dance class, RandomKid founder Talia Leman helps young people around the world organize their own philanthropic efforts.

  • Live and Learn
    Hero | Nov 2009

    Live and Learn

    A Chicago sports photographer and his wife have a novel hobby: educating Cambodian children and lifting them out of poverty.

  • Wonder Bread
    Hero | Oct 2009

    Wonder Bread

    A Massachusetts mom turns a hobby into a national charity that offers hope and support, one loaf at a time.

  • Rock
 the Tote
    Hero | Sep 2009

 the Tote

    Lauren Bush’s FEED bags are right on trend-and help kids, to boot.

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