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    Three Perfect Days

  • Three Perfect Days: Guadalajara
    Apr 2016

    Three Perfect Days: Guadalajara

    From mariachi and tequila to contemporary art and gastronomy, Mexico’s second city offers a tantalizing mix of traditional and modern culture

  • Three Perfect Days: Xi’an
    Mar 2016

    Three Perfect Days: Xi’an

    From humble noodle shops to the awe-inspiring Terracotta Army, this former Chinese capital is a culinary and cultural wonderland

  • Three Perfect Days: The California Coast
    Feb 2016

    Three Perfect Days: The California Coast

    From whale watching to wine tasting, a road trip down Highway 1 offers the best of California

  • Three Perfect Days: Panama City
    Jan 2016

    Three Perfect Days: Panama City

    Straddling two continents, the capital of Panama is home to a dynamic culinary scene, historic architecture—and plenty of positive vibes

  • Three Perfect Days: San Juan
    Dec 2015

    Three Perfect Days: San Juan

    The Puerto Rican capital offers beautiful ocean views, pristine jungle, art and culture galore— and all the rum you can drink

  • Three Perfect Days: Colorado Rockies
    Nov 2015

    Three Perfect Days: Colorado Rockies

    From Aspen to Vail, Hemispheres hits the best of the Centennial State’s slopes and après-ski spots

  • Three Perfect Days: Guatemala
    Oct 2015

    Three Perfect Days: Guatemala

    Those who have heard anything about Guatemala are aware of its troubled history: the earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, the civil war that persisted from 1960 to 1996. But those who have actually been there know it to be something else: a place of extravagant beauty, soaring mountains, pristine lakes and dense jungle, dotted with archaeological […]

  • Three Perfect Days: Ho Chi Minh City
    Sep 2015

    Three Perfect Days: Ho Chi Minh City

    The Vietnamese metropolis has overcome its war-torn past to become one of the most exciting cities in Asia

  • Three Perfect Days: Nova Scotia
    Aug 2015

    Three Perfect Days: Nova Scotia

    Lovely lighthouses, quirkily friendly locals and strange late-night snacks in Canada’s Maritimes

  • Three Perfect Days: Oslo
    Jul 2015

    Three Perfect Days: Oslo

    In the Norwegian capital, nature and culture compete for your attention, and everyone wins

  • Three Perfect Days: Memphis
    Jun 2015

    Three Perfect Days: Memphis

    Memphis is, in some ways, a city of ghosts. Its most famous attraction, Graceland, was the home of Elvis Presley, and the place where he died. The city is scarred by the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the subsequent white flight that left downtown deserted for years. Yet, for a place that […]

  • Three Perfect Days: Mumbai
    May 2015

    Three Perfect Days: Mumbai

    “I take another rickshaw and head to Juhu Beach to catch the sunset. The beach is less a place to swim and more a picnic spot where families spread sheets and laze, fully clothed, on the sand.”

  • Three Perfect Days: Madrid
    Apr 2015

    Three Perfect Days: Madrid

    “I head down the Gran Vía, the city’s main architectural catwalk, a parade of Art Deco/Beaux-Arts/Moorish Revival masterpieces . ”

  • Three Perfect Days: Nicaragua
    Mar 2015

    Three Perfect Days: Nicaragua

    A haven for backpackers, beachgoers, volcano explorers and history buffs, this Central American country has something for everyone

  • Three Perfect Days: Guam
    Feb 2015

    Three Perfect Days: Guam

    With its pristine waters, diverse landscape, rich cultural heritage and burgeoning hospitality industry, this tiny tropical island is set to be the next big thing

  • Three Perfect Days: Louisville
    Jan 2015

    Three Perfect Days: Louisville

    Louisville is best known for hosting the Kentucky Derby, famously dubbed “the most exciting two minutes in sports.” When you’re done with that, we’ve got a lot more to show you.

  • Three Perfect Days: Santiago
    Dec 2014

    Three Perfect Days: Santiago

    Bursting with cultural attractions, creative chefs, an all-night club scene and a glorious wine country nearby, the Chilean capital has become one of South America’s hottest cities

  • Three Perfect Days: Vancouver
    Oct 2014

    Three Perfect Days: Vancouver

    Western Canada’s capital of health and happiness thinks you should get out of the house for a bit

  • Three Perfect Days: Melbourne
    Oct 2014

    Three Perfect Days: Melbourne

    With its hidden street art, clandestine restaurant entrances and concealed rooftop bars, there’s more to Australia’s second city than meets the eye

  • Three Perfect Days: Milan
    Sep 2014

    Three Perfect Days: Milan

    Italy’s financial hub may not have the historical flourishes of cities like Rome, Venice and Florence, but scratch its famously stylish surface and you’ll find a wealth of world-class art, architecture and design

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