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Ask the Pilot with Captain Lawrence Ellis


Q: Does United have a mentorship program to motivate and/or provide work experience for budding pilots?​

A: United has a long history of mentoring individuals who dream of becoming pilots. We proudly maintain a flight operations internship program for students who are currently enrolled in college flight programs. Every year, approximately 45 interns are assigned to a flight operations team, either at our headquarters or at one of our hub airports, where they interact with United pilots and other employees on a daily basis. This is an excellent opportunity for them to gain real-life experience in their chosen profession while receiving credit toward graduation from their colleges. In addition to our internship program, United is also active with several organizations, such as the Organization of Black Airline Professionals (OBAP), Women in Aviation International (WAI), and the National Gay Pilots Association (NGPA), as well as other industry and academic groups. These are great organizations that help guide and assist aspiring pilots toward achieving their goals. Additionally, many of our pilots give their time to schools and universities to mentor and inspire young people to pursue aviation careers.

You can write to United’s chief pilots by addressing askthepilot@united.com.

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