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Houston, We Have an Exhibition

Author Chris Wright Photography Cm Dixon/Print Collector/Getty Images (Venus De Milo); © Caspar Benson/Fstop/Corbis (Astronauts)


Back in 2014, Seattle-based artist and curator Greg Lundgren wrote a blog post about an imaginary contest to put art on the moon—a spoof that quickly developed into a real obsession. “I think about it all the time,” he said in the run-up to a new show that will bring him closer to realizing his sci-fi fantasy. 

Giant Steps, which opens this month at King Street Station’s third-floor gallery (March 3 – April 3), exhibits entries from a real art-on-the-moon contest he initiated last fall. The juried competition comes with a $10,000 prize for the winner and allows for anything from sculpture to interpretive dance to graffiti. Foremost in an exhaustive list of rules is that proposals have to be “within the realm of possibility,” which is a key point for Lundgren. “Art and culture are part of our humanity,” he said. “So of course it will follow us into space.” 

As for whether the first moon art will arise from his show, he’s not sure. “There is room for the exhibit to be a total disaster and room for it to become something much greater,” he said. “I like that territory, of taking chances and dreaming big dreams.” — CHRIS WRIGHT

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