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On Shanghai Style

Author Sara Lieberman Photography Daniele Mattioli

styleHenry He, 27, showroom manager and buyer at NHEW     

Do you consider Shanghai a fashion destination?

It’s definitely becoming a fashion capital. You can see things you’d see during Fashion Week every day. I think Chinese style is still more humble in many ways compared to Western countries like the U.S.—and even compared to Japan and Korea. Shanghai, being the most developed city in China, combines the beauty of Western boldness and Eastern discretion. It affects my taste deeply, though sometimes I don’t realize it. In Shanghai, you can see the conflicts and also the harmony between Western and Eastern culture.

How do you like to dress?

My look is very changeable. I wear a suit when I have a more serious meeting, since suits are common in first-tier cities like Shanghai and Beijing but not the rest of China. I wear designer labels to support my business, but I also ride a bike and play basketball, so I have a few sporty looks and sneakers. That’s probably why I have more clothes than others—and I still buy a lot!

Tell us about today’s look.

I like military jackets a lot. This one is by Libertine, a brand from LA, and the patches are hand-stitched. It’s more funky than political, combining something serious—the military shape—with something fun. The pants are from a designer called Chapter. The sneakers are Adidas Superstars. The hat is from a brand called 11, by Boris Bidjan Saberi. He’s a very avant-garde designer, and I wear it almost everyday.

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