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Feeding Your Appetite

A Message from Jim Compton

ceo1We are continuing to uplift the in-flight experience based on feedback we’ve received from you and our employees, and we are taking action to make your journey more memorable. During your time with us, we want you to not only have a great flight, but also a great meal.

We introduced a lot of enhancements to our food and beverage service last year, and we joined with The Trotter Project to design new chef-inspired selections. We also expanded the availability of complimentary meals and free beer and wine to more Latin America flights, and we significantly upgraded economy-cabin food and beverage service on long-haul international flights, with multicourse meals; complimentary beer, house wine, and bottled water; and an option to purchase premium snacks.

This year, we’re looking forward to bringing illycaffe’s signature scuro dark roast coffee to flights worldwide. And, just in time for National Snack Month, free snacks are back on board starting this month, with customers receiving a morning stroopwafel—a Dutch caramel-filled waffle that pairs perfectly with coffee or tea—or an afternoon Asian-style or zesty-ranch snack mix.

We know that inflight dining is a huge part of your experience with us, and we want to make sure that it’s an enjoyable one. To tell you more, I’ll turn it over to United’s managing director of food and beverage planning and design, Todd Traynor-Corey.

On behalf of all of us at United, safe travels and bon appétit.

Jim Compton
EVP and Chief Revenue Officer,
United Airlines


A Memorable Experience from Nose to Tail

ceo2How do you feel when your mom cooks your favorite comfort food? Or how about when a restaurant has your favorite wine on the menu? Our goal is to stir up those same emotions when you enjoy a meal, snack, or beverage while traveling United. From chef-inspired premium-cabin meals to a complimentary stroopwafel with a cup of illy coffee, we’re getting to the heart of what we know makes a difference while you travel with us.

Through a thoughtful and inspiring process, the food services team works together with a variety of partners to develop the dining selections that you desire and that our employees are proud to deliver. We’re focusing on both big and little things that make a difference in the air.

Our partnership with The Trotter Project is an excellent addition to the many investments we’re making in this area. The Trotter Project is a nonprofit organization committed to continuing chef Charlie Trotter’s legacy through mentoring and internship programs for youth interested in the culinary arts. Through this partnership, we work with chefs from around the world who trained under Trotter to help us create dishes that highlight regional specialties. One of the best parts of this job is getting to watch an idea develop into something we’re excited to put on your tray table.

Our collaboration with the Trotter chefs also gives us the opportunity for a lot of variety. Through research done directly with customers, we know you want fresh options, variety and bold flavors. We’re putting that feedback into action and hope you can taste the difference.

And if you get the chance, try the rustic Italian sandwich on our bistro on board menu—it’s my favorite!

Todd Traynor-Corey
Managing Director, Food and
Beverage Planning and Design

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