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A Message from Oscar Munoz


jeffIt’s been an enlightening and energizing first few months as CEO of United. I’ve visited our main hubs across the country, learned a lot about our operations from the people who know it best and had the great pleasure of meeting many of my fellow employees and countless customers along the way. A lot of you have shared your candid feedback about what you’d like to see for the future of United, and I thank you for your honesty—and your confidence in us. I invite you to continue sharing your questions and ideas as part of our ongoing conversation on unitedairtime.com.

I’d now like to turn the spotlight to a very special, select group of our 84,000 employees—our military veterans. Those who traded one uniform for the next. To our veterans, those on active duty and in the National Guard and reserves, I am so grateful for your service to both the United States and our company.

Allow me to introduce one of our flight managers and first officers, Air Force veteran Rob Cataldo, an exceptional member of our United team.


Oscar Munoz
President and Chief Executive Officer, United Airlines



Supporting Those Who Have Served

As a country, we celebrate Veterans Day this month, and I’m proud to be not only a veteran but a United employee. 

I was in the active duty Air Force for seven years and also spent seven years in the Air Force Reserves as a C-130 pilot. I’m currently a flight manager in United’s flight operations division and also serve as a first officer for our Boeing 757 and 767 fleets. United understands the unique set of skills that veterans bring, which is why they’re committed to supporting our veterans by providing the mentoring and career development that is unique to the needs of veterans and establishing a work environment that allows veterans to perform at a high level throughout their careers. Additionally, I’m honored to serve as the president of United’s business resource group, United for Veterans. 

Our group was created two years ago to support all who served, as well as veteran allies. Our mission is to support United by recruiting, retaining and training highly qualified veterans while creating an environment to share, learn and grow. We have approximately 450 current members and are growing and opening new chapters throughout the company.

Throughout my military career the concept of teamwork was emphasized in order to accomplish the mission at hand. It’s a priority at United too, and we are working as a team to provide outstanding customer service while getting you to your destination safely and on-time. Our veterans leverage their experience to make our team stronger, so we can provide our customers with better performance, service and products.  

On behalf of United, I want to thank all of our veterans—customers, employees and those throughout the country—for your service.

Rob Cataldo served in the Air Force and Air Force Reserves

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