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This Month’s Hottest Hotels


Mira Moon Hotel

Hong Kong

 Located in Hong Kong’s trendy Causeway Bay, the sleek 91-room Mira Moon Hotel takes its inspiration from the mythical romance between the heroic archer Hou-Yi and his lover, Chang-Er. According to legend, the two were forever separated after she drank the Elixir of Immortality and became trapped on the moon as a goddess, sending down a magical companion, the Jade Rabbit, to keep her beloved company. Despite the tale’s bittersweet ending, the vibe here is anything but somber. Dutch-born designer Marcel Wanders (dubbed “the Lady Gaga of the design world” by The New York Times) and the firm YOO have created a deliriously vibrant cross-cultural mash-up of Dutch contemporary furnishings and traditional East Asian details, such as ornately carved wood paneling, vibrant reds and lacquered whites, glazed vases, paper lanterns and even stylized depictions of zodiac figures and characters from the myth. Looking out the floor-to-ceiling windows at the Hong Kong skyline—especially from the 36th-floor Moonshine Suite—it’s easy to feel a bit like Chang-Er, gazing down from her heavenly perch.


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