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On Berlin Style

Author Sara Lieberman Photography Anna Rose

lookDavid Kurt Karl Roth and Carl Jakob Haupt, co-founders of Dandy Diary, a men’s style blog and brand, have been collaborating since high school, in spite of their sometimes divergent perspectives. “He was a skater kid, and I was a punk guy,” says Haupt, 30, of Roth (right), 31. “David studied fashion, and I studied political science. Naturally, we became friends.” Here, they talk about lederhosen and liberalism in Berlin.

How would you describe Berlin style?
Roth: It’s a mixture of different cultures and times clashing.
Haupt: Everything really is about liberty. You can dress however you want, any time of day. Going to the opera in track pants? No one will care.

Any sartorial dos or don’ts for those visiting during Oktoberfest?
Roth: The lederhosen we designed in cooperation with Trachten Angermaier, which is a traditional label from Munich, would be a “do.” A “don’t” would be to go to the toilet. A true Bavarian would go in his lederhosen.

Where do you shop?
Roth: The Mitte and Kreuzberg neighborhoods. I recommend Voo, SOTO and Darklands for avant-garde stuff.

Tell us about today’s look.
Roth: The shirt is from our first collaboration with U.K. brand Signum. My necklace is a Korean version of the bolo tie. The cap is from Julian Zigerli.
Haupt: My pants are from a German label called Chabos IIVII, which is run by a rapper called Haftbefehl. And the shoes are Nike Air Max 95s, which are now back in style, since it’s their
20th anniversary.

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