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On Portland Style

Author Sara Lieberman Photography james fitzgerald III

styleArtist, illustrator and photographer Jade Sheldon may not have been born a redhead, but she says “she was destined to be one.” Standing out comes naturally to the 28-year-old Oregon native, whose ruby-red hair isn’t the only eye-catching thing about her. Her illustrations and designs have found such high-profile fans as The Decemberists, IFC and Pabst Blue Ribbon. Here, she schools Hemispheres on the art of dressing for this ultra-hip Pacific Northwest city.
How would you describe Portland style?
I believe Portland style is about being true to yourself, whatever your style may be. Nothing is off limits. The city is this unique mix of practical and experimental.
What would someone wear to fit in? And what might be something that’d cause one to stand out?
That’s a tough one. Portland is a place where everyone stands out, and we all fit in somehow. Blending in is standing out.
Where do you shop?
We’re lucky to have a variety of curated boutiques in Portland. I am particularly drawn to the Pearl District and Northwest, but I love shops that house a variety of new and established designers. A few of my favorites have to be Table of Contents, Steven Alan, Orn Hansen and Frances May. I also have a soft spot for vintage clothing and accessories, and Xtabay Vintage has an absolutely incredible selection.
Tell us about today’s look.
My jacket is from Portland-based company Bridge & Burn. My incredibly soft T-shirt is from Alexa Chung's collaboration with AG Jeans. My Rebecca Minkoff bag is edgy and classic all at once. My pleated colorblock skirt is by HD in Paris, and the camel Mary Janes are from Poppy Barley. Finally, my lipstick is Chanel's "Incandescente." I go out of my way to gift myself a beautiful lipstick every year for my birthday.


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