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This Month’s Hottest Hotels



Hippodrome Hotel Condesa

Mexico City

Design Notes Everything but the 1931 Art Deco framework is brand new here, following a 16-month,
$3 million renovation. Reopened this January, the interior is done up in understated grays and plums. Much of the decor calls to mind the geometric angularity and metallic shininess of the hotel’s Art Deco heyday—beveled
mirrors, cut-out steel partitions—but you’ll also find  contemporary design touches, such as furnishings covered in velvety silver manta ray skin.

Room with a View The balcony of room 303 looks out onto a calming living wall of succulents with playful names like burro’s tails, hens and chicks, and panda plants. Living (or green) walls are increasingly popular in this metropolis of 21 million people. In fact, they’re a pet project of Secretary of the Environment Tanya Müller García, who recently reported that three feet of green wall can produce enough oxygen to sustain one person for an entire year.  

What You’ll Find Just Outside The bohemian Condesa district was developed in the 1920s on land that once held the horseracing track that gave the hotel its name. Instead of razing the hipódromo, city planners repurposed it in a clever way: The oval track became the vibrant Avenida Amsterdam; the field in the center, the Parque México, one of the capital’s loveliest urban green spaces.


One Response to “This Month’s Hottest Hotels”

  1. Trish Woodcock Says:
    October 1st, 2015 at 6:40 pm

    We arrived in Pasadena after a cruise across the Pacific on the Queen Elizabeth.  We had found the DusitD2 Constance by chance on the net before we left New Zealand.

    What a wonderful hotel!  Beautiful decor and very a comfortable room combined with a warm and welcoming staff meant that out stay there was most memorable.

    This is the perfect base to visit the two amazing art galleries and gardens (the Norton Simon and the Huntington).

    We rate it highly 


    Trish and Peter Woodcock

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