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Making an Impact

United’s women are soaring to new heights

Author Mary Ryan


At United Airlines, women make up 42 percent of the workforce, something the company is very proud of.

For United’s uIMPACT “business resource group,” promoting the advancement of women at the airline—and in aviation broadly—is job one.

In May, more than 100 female employees from all corners of the globe, representing a host of roles at United, participated in an historic all-women aircraft delivery, celebrating the airline’s rich legacy of women in aviation.

The celebration event kicked off in Seattle, where female executives from United and Boeing hosted their comrades with a tour of Boeing’s factory and a celebration dinner at Boeing’s museum of flight.

The next morning, Boeing executives ceremonially handed United executives the keys to a new 737 aircraft before the plane departed Seattle’s Boeing Field for Chicago. Not only were all the seats on the flight occupied by women, but United’s women took the helm: The entire flight was operated by women, from the pilots to the flight attendants to the ramp crews who brought the plane in upon landing at O’Hare.

“This is more than just the promotion and celebration of women at United,” said United’s managing director of Customer Service Excellence and uIMPACT president Mandeep Grewal. “It’s a sign of things to come in our industry.”

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