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On Mexico City Style

Author Sara Lieberman Photography Aníbal Barco

thelookMarco Bochicchio isn’t accustomed to being in front of the camera. His bloodhound, Rufus, on the other hand, is a pooch that likes to pose. In fact, he was the inspiration for the 26-year-old’s appropriately titled “Mente de Rufus”—Mind of Rufus—Instagram account, where he posts pastel shots of Mexico and beyond to his more than 68,000 followers, including Vogue magazine, which featured him as the ultimate Mexico City tour guide last year. Before Hemispheres turned the lens around on the nature-inspired architect, we talked T-shirts and Mexican hipsters.

What’s the style scene like in Mexico City?
Exotic. There is a lot of diversity, and it depends on the zone you are in. The center is banda style, a mix of skater with long cholo jeans that are big and baggy. If you go to the south—where Frida and Diego lived—you'll find hippie style like long T-shirts, flowy pants and beaded necklaces.

Where do you shop?
In the streets of Colonia Roma you can find lots of boutiques, like Mecanico for cool T-shirts, jeans and designer clothes, and Dr. York for vintage sunglasses. I also like the traditional vintage market in the north, Mercado de la Lagunilla.

Do you have any favorite local designers?
Pineda Covalin. I don’t have much from it, but I love the idea of placing traditional Mexican imagery with contemporary patterns and icons.

Tell us about today’s look.
The brown shorts are from a friend who found them in a market in Southeast Asia. I paired them with a Madras Mao shirt from Industry of All Nations because it’s light and ideal for sunny days. My leather sandals are from the central market in Cuernavaca, in Morelos. And my wood sunglasses are from Mexican brand Cardinal.

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