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Ask the Pilot, with Captain Mike Bowers


Q: How far in advance do you know your flight schedule for a particular day, or the aircraft you’ll fly on the journey?
A: Pilots “bid” a monthly schedule based on seniority. They also may trade trips with other pilots or trade for trips not currently assigned to other pilots. So, generally speaking, we know weeks in advance what flights we will be flying. There are some pilots who do not have a set schedule, but are on-call (or on “reserve”) to cover additional flights or to fill in for pilots who are unavailable to fly their scheduled trips. While we know the type of aircraft (for example, a 757 versus a 767) we will fly as soon as our monthly schedule is assigned, we may not know the exact aircraft in that fleet type until the night before.

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One Response to “Ask the Pilot, with Captain Mike Bowers”

  1. pat Says:
    September 1st, 2015 at 9:58 am

    do all united 777s have the ife/cabin utility newly installed? also, what would happen if a plane set its flaps to 1 at cruising altitude? thanks a lot.

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