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Keeping the Customer Satisfied

Investing a few minutes could pay off in future travel satisfaction for United customers

Author A. Averyl Re


At United, being a flyer-friendly airline that meets the evolving needs of its customers means soliciting and listening to their feedback. That’s why United is expanding its customer-satisfaction survey sent to customers at the close of travel to every traveler who provides an email address when making flight reservations.

Sue Sabow, United’s managing director of customer experience and corporate strategy, says the survey takes approximately five minutes to complete and touches on a broad range of factors that affect customers’ travel experiences. “Nearly every division needs to work together to deliver the best experience for our customers,” she says. “Although we take a very analytic approach, what I get to see through all that data is how passionate our customers are about United. It is amazing how many folks will take the time to provide highly thoughtful, personal feedback to us—both the good, so we know what’s working, and the not so good, so we know where we need to improve.

United listened when customers said on past surveys that they wanted fresh meal options for premium customers and Wi-Fi on United Express flights. The airline has been making these changes to give our customers a more flyer-friendly experience.

On average, the airline receives 8,000 to 10,000 completed surveys a day that inspire improvements on everything from better signage to clearer kiosk interfaces. Perhaps the next great suggestion we use will be yours.

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