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X Marks the Spot

As more travelers use mobile technology, United is responding with industry-leading apps

Author Charlie Hobart


With the advent of the smartphone, a few travel hassles of old have become distant memories: the mad dash from the aircraft to the pay phone, the search for printed road maps, the long hours out of touch. Now, United is offering customers more ways to integrate smartphones and tablets into their travels—and into their lives.

United was the first U.S. airline to introduce mobile boarding passes, and United’s mobile app is on the screens of more than 15 million phones and tablets. Among other things, the app enables customers to watch hundreds of hours of movies and TV shows inflight on airplanes with personal device entertainment. And now, with individuals increasingly leaving their cash and credit cards in their wallets and using their phones to make purchases, United is offering MileagePlus members the ability to use their phones to conduct in-store transactions at more than 50,000 retail locations and earn award miles in the process.

The new MileagePlus X mobile app, built by United and available for iOS and Android devices, is unique in the airline industry. Soon, members will also be able to use MileagePlus X to redeem award miles to make in-store purchases. It’s one more way United is improving the travel experience for customers and making that smartphone even smarter.

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