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Wear in… Bogotá

Author Sara Lieberman Photography Camo

wearinBogotá-based stylist and designer Angélica C. Balanta is not one to sit still. Born in the country’s southwest city of Cali, this 30-year-old Colombian has lived all over the world, from Mexico to London to Tel Aviv. However, when she became a mom last year, she settled in the Colombian capital, where she now writes about the city’s style on her blog, Miss Balanta, and works on her line of turbans. Here, she gives Hemispheres a few tips on how to dress in Bogotá.


So how do people dress in Bogotá?
In Colombia, you can have spring in the morning and winter in the afternoon, so you have to be prepared with your umbrella or a jacket. But there is a new fashion boom, and people are starting to wear so much color and not care as much about the weather.

Is there anything you or a typical Colombian wouldn’t wear?
Ten years ago it was really tacky to wear sandals, but now there are lots of nail salons, so people wear them. I still go out in sneakers, though.

Do you have a favorite pair?
I love Adidas Originals, but especially the Jeremy Scott trainers. They have wings, and I have three pairs! I can’t wear them every day because people can be shocked [by them], but I wear them on special occasions.

Where do you typically shop in the city?
I love independent shops like Brinca Brinca in the north. It’s a T-shirt store that holds a competition for illustrators to make the best print. It’s popular with people who like to look different.

Tell us about what you’ve got on today.
The turban is from my Africa collection; the top is from Zara; and I designed the skirt, which is inspired by the Embera indigenous communities that live between Colombia and Panama. My necklace and jacket are vintage, and the shoes are Dr. Martens. I love to do these kinds of combinations: elegant, ethnic and urban. 

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