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Into the Pink

During your travels on United this month, you may notice a little pink cropping up here and there. But what you may not see are the other colors that pink represents.

Author A. Averyl Re


For the past six years, United employees have been the driving force behind the Pink Program, buying special items and wearing them during Breast Cancer Awareness Month to raise some green—more than $120,000 between 2009 and 2013.

With pink, United employees support silver, as in the A Silver Lining Foundation (asilverliningfoundation. org), a Chicago-based organization with which United has partnered for six years. Sandy Goldberg, a breast-cancer survivor, started ASLF when she realized many people did not have access to mammograms. The foundation provides resources and educational information and funds free breast-health testing for uninsured and underinsured people through ten partner hospitals.

“If you have no place to go, or you have to choose between getting a mammogram or feeding your kids, you’re going to take care of your kids first,” Goldberg explains. “With the support of United, we can provide what is needed. It’s not just a one-time shot at a mammogram. Because of United, so far we have provided the entire range of services for more than a thousand people.”

In addition to ASLF, United actively supports Houston-based The Rose, Women’s Cancer Resource Center in Oakland near our San-Francisco hub and the national support system Sisters Network.

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