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Wear in… Lisbon: Sónia Pessoa

Author Sara Lieberman Photography José Cabral

wearIn 2012, this Portuguese fashion designer and makeup artist took her passion for “joking around with needles and color and wool, like a child,” and launched Ursotigre, a line of handmade knitwear that’s named after a made-up creature—half bear (urso) and half tiger (tigre). But don’t get the wrong idea: These aren’t kids clothes. (Portuguese pop star Sequin is a fan.) Here, Pessoa talks about her quirky line, the definition of tutti frutti and, of course, Lisbon style.


How would you describe your style?
Relaxed, mixed and tutti frutti.
Tutti Frutti? Explain, please!
Colorful and funny. I have fallen in love with textures and special details. My favorite is baby alpaca. And I like purple and green!
How would you describe style in Lisbon?
Multicultural and casual. It’s best to be most comfortable. In Lisbon, you can be yourself. We don’t have so many rules.
Where in Lisbon do you like to shop?
Around the Príncipe Real area, where we have a lot of small, nice shops like Alexandra Moura; A Vida Portuguesa, which has Portuguese treasures that are both old and new; Arte Assinada; and Espaço B. They all have multi-brands, so you can find many good designs.
Tell us about today’s ensemble.
I am casual in Ursotigre’s woolly jumper and headpiece, which combined took me about 48 hours to make because I use thin needles. The jeans are Cheap Monday. I like them because they’re easy and basic. And the shoes are Repetto.

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