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Wear in… Stockholm: Linus Stridfelt

This one-time model is now PR coordinator for the Stockholm-based lifestyle company Tieday Group, a subscription service that offers monthly boxers, shirts and ties for men. Here, the “well-dressed, but never overdressed” minimalist shares his Stockholm style secrets and staples.

Author Sara Lieberman Photography Mathieu Deneen

wearinHow would you describe Stockholm style?
Modernism and functionality. People who visit the capital normally describe it as trendy, dressed up, but never too flashy.
What should visitors wear to fit in?
Go for classic, quality pieces with a contemporary fit, and remember the saying “less is more.” A well-tailored coat or jacket, a crisp shirt and a pair of jeans will take you through the day.
Where in Stockholm do you shop?
Acne Studios has a good range of denim and more fashion-forward pieces. Also, one of the components of the Tieday Group is a made-to-measure shirt brand called Pegaston, so I get all my shirts there. I wear them most days of the week, even to the beach!

Do you wear ties with those too?
It all depends on my mood. Some days I smarten up and turn up at work in a full suit and a tie, other days I run around at a photo shoot in trainers and a tee.
do you have any other fashion habits?
I often end up buying pieces almost identical to stuff I already have. What I admire in other people is a sense of consistency. If it works on you, make it your trademark.

Tell us about your look today.
The sunglasses are a collaboration between Raf Simons and Linda Farrow. The light chambray shirt with a mandarin collar is a new addition to my wardrobe. It’s made-to-measure that I customized to my liking. I picked up the chinos this summer. The fit is quite slim, for an updated take on the style classic. The shoes are Valentino. I first tried them on in London and decided not to buy them, but could not quite get them out of my mind and eventually stumbled upon them again on sale in Paris!

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