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Wear in… Amsterdam: Sven Signe den Hartogh

He may call himself a university dropout, but this 21-year-old Dutchman is well educated in denim. As founder of The Stranded Sailors, an online lifestyle destination and community for jean fanatics, den Hartogh has strong opinions about how to wear your favorite pair.

Author Sara Lieberman Photography Kevin Van Diest


Tell us about Amsterdam style.
It’s a cool style, but very common. You can see the trends in a matter of seconds, like Nike runners and Dr. Martens.

So where in Amsterdam do you shop?
A lot of secondhand stores, like Episode in the 9 Streets area.
Why denim?
Because it’s for everyone! It really is a global product. I also really love that it ages over time and starts to fade. You can create your own personal story in the jean.
How many pairs do you own?
I’ve got, like, 20! For two years, I worked in the oldest jean store in the Netherlands, De Rode Winkel. These days, the pair I’m wearing the most are my Levi’s 510s. I’ve been wearing them every day for 14 months.

You’ve got a lot of tattoos. How many are there?
I have no clue. I lost count! My first were Asian signs that symbolized my grandfather’s willpower. The most recent one is a small anchor beneath my left eye.
Ouch. Can you take us through the outfit you’re wearing right now?
I like the combination of light blue denim with indigo pants, so I’m wearing Levi’s 501 jeans with a Lee 101 denim shirt and Lee sleeveless denim jacket. I wear a lot of [mixed] denim, usually with bandannas and scarves and a waistcoat for a gentleman touch. These are Red Wing boots. I like to invest once in good shoes that I can wear for 10 years, and I can wear these 24/7. This style is called “Iron Ranger Amber Harness.”

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