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This Month’s Hottest Hotels

From Spain to Sri Lanka, this month’s hottest hotels


New Orleans, Louisiana

WHAT YOU’LL FIND JUST OUTSIDE: Located on Lee Circle in the artsy Warehouse District, the Modern is surrounded by galleries and restaurants. Hop on the retro St. Charles streetcar and, for less than the cost of a cup of coffee, you’ll be trundled past some of the city’s lovelier sights. Or, a 20-minute stroll will have you sallying down Bourbon Street, frozen daiquiri in hand.

DESIGN NOTES: When German hotelier Klaus Ortlieb opened the Modern (formerly Hotel Le Cirque) in 2011, he aimed for a style that reflected the quirky eclecticism of New Orleans. Much of the artwork came from local junk shops, creating a look that ranges from elegant to garish, but never boring.

LOBBY RESEMBLES: Like the rest of the hotel, the lobby combines mock formality with a genuine commitment to comfort and hospitality: dim lighting, plush couches, a large painting of a man in a long blue wig (the Duc d’Orléans), a shelf of tattered old books and a parrot named Miss Scarlet. (“Her nickname is Birdzilla,” says one of the strikingly dapper concierges.)

BEST PLACE TO HANG OUT: Named after New Orleans photographer E.J. Bellocq, the hotel’s Bellocq lounge has a decadent air to it. Flop into a plump armchair, admire the blood-red decor and sip a faithful recreation of pre-Prohibition cocktails like the Sazerac, or an original creation like the Summer Is Coming, with mezcal, ruby grapefruit and Bittermens Hellfire.


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