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Wear in… Chicago: D. Graham Kostic

As creative and editorial director of the “unpretentiously chic” digital video magazine Glossed & Found, this 32-year-old man about town knows a thing or two about putting together a Chicago-appropriate look.

Author Sara Lieberman Photography Amy Creyer


How is Chicago style different from what you see in other cities?
There’s a real good sense of tailoring and color palette, because we are in a city that eight months out of the year is freezing. So a lot of people really go bold in the spring and summer because it’s such an exciting time. People also put a lot of effort into their outerwear. Accessorizing the winter coat is a prime fashion opportunity.
How would you describe your own style?
Deliberately understated. It’s very uniform. I have five great pairs of pants that also match five really awesome shirts, so, when I leave the house, it’s sort of a grab and go. I’ve mastered the “crazed creative director” look. I also love motif shirts—I just bought one with these prancing tigers, and one of my favorites has a bunch of Mickey Mouse heads on it.
Where in Chi-town do you shop?
I love this little place called Penelope’s in Wicker Park. It has really lovely men’s and women’s things. Space 519 is a great upscale general store with an apothecary section and an accessory and home section. If you were to go to one area to shop, Milwaukee Avenue is where the most colorful stores are.
Who are some of your favorite designers?
Gitman Brothers do really great button-ups with awesome prints or just a simple Oxford twill work shirt. Jack Spade is probably the benchmark for what I think is cool for men. I love his accessories and his ready-to-wear. AllSaints is great for something that’s a little more mainstream. Their fit is great.
Tell us about your look today.
I love skinny jeans—the tighter the better! These are vintage and the perfect pair. This Ralph Lauren bucking broncos shirt with a Wild West print is from my mom. She was about to give it away, and I said, “You are crazy! Do not give it away.” It comes out to play every once in a while. The work boots are from Target. A big gold watch is signature for me, and I’m also loving my newest accessory: my wedding band!

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