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Wear in … Tel Aviv: Korin Avraham

This Israeli lawyer may wear a white button-down and blazer to court, but as the founder of the popular fashion blog Ya Salam, she certainly doesn’t keep her style under wraps during her off hours. Here, she tells us what’s kosher to wear in Tel Aviv.

Author Sara Lieberman Photography Michell Halpern & Yuval Tebol


Tell us about what’s hot in Israel right now.
The fashion scene in Israel, like the country, is very young and at a curious stage without a clear identity. The main scene, based in Tel Aviv, is eclectic. You’ll find urban colorful designs next to vintage influences, and a world of interesting and fun accessories.

The weather in Israel can be intense. Does that affect what people wear?
The weather is a factor here, but in general I think that there are not too many rules. I mean, in the recent winter [collections] here, we saw lots of pastel colors, which are normally summer colors.
Where do you like to shop in town?
For accessories, I like Israeli label Hot Crown. They made me a ring that says “Ya Salam.” I had them make one for [Vogue Japan editor at large] Anna Dello Russo, and I gave it to her in Milan. She was so excited. I also love Tami Bar-Lev, who makes hats and hairpieces. You’ll drop when you see her stuff. For clothes, I like Helena, A+ and the Dizengoff secondhand market for great vintage. Oh, and Anaelle Levi for evening gowns. She made my three wedding dresses.
Three wedding dresses? Is that normal in Israel?
No, but I’m not normal for Israel! It’s so boring to be normal!

Will you wear them again?
I already have! I wore the short, Coco Chanel–like after-party dress in Milan for Fashion Week, and I’ll wear the straight, white, James Bond–like reception gown to Tel Aviv Fashion Week. We call the back of it “The Treasure” because of all the vintage jewels that drape from it.
Can you take us through what you’re wearing today?
The clothes are from this store called Helena on Dizengoff Street, near where I live. The sandals are from the Christian Louboutin 20th anniversary collection. And I got my Moschino phone cover in Milan. They gave it away at the fashion show. They’re already on eBay!

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