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Drip, Drip hooray!

Everything you need for a rainy day in London


Ask someone to free-associate with the words “April” and “London” and chances are you’ll hear the word “rain.” For all its drama and pomp and excitement, one of the more prominent things visitors to the English city take home with them, particularly at this time of year, is the memory of damp socks. But the soggy springs also present the opportunity for a whole new category of style. Here, a few bits and bobs (as the locals say) to help you look cool while staying dry in London.

1 Terra New York
Nolita Military Cape in midnight blue, $265 (terranewyork.com)

2 Aquapac System
camera case, $150 (aquapac.net)

3 Raymond Weil
Freelancer automatic chronograph, steel on steel with a black dial, $2,995 (raymond-weil.com)

4 J.J. Hat Center
The Wool Derby in gray, $85 (porkpiehatters.com)

5 Muji
Markable umbrella in orange, $15.95 (muji.us)

6 Kaufmann Mercantile
Handmade canvas and leather carryall bag, $179 (kaufmann-mercantile.com)

7 JuJu
JuJu Miller black lace-up ankle jelly boots, $75 at Asos (us.asos.com)

Photography by Gregory Reid
Styling by Renee Flugge

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