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Tokyo: Joe Kazuaki

The stylist, photographer, model and co-founder of the wildly popular blog Tokyo Dandy tells us where to shop in Japan’s capital city and how fashion changed after the tsunami of 2011

Author Justin Mckenzie Miller Photography Gui Martinez

wearinWhere do you shop?
Mainly in Shibuya and Harajuku, but anywhere, really. If I pass by an interesting shop, I go in. If a cool item catches my eye, I go for it. Kōenji is a
cool area; there is still a traditional sense of community there among the small vintage shops.
What are some of the new trends you’ve been seeing?
The current trend is a lot of color and the layering of different patterns. Tokyo fashion used to be even crazier in these respects. I mean, it’s still pretty crazy, but it’s mostly young people these days. There is also a movement to a simpler, more pared-down style.
What changed?
I’m not sure. After the earthquake and tsunami in 2011, people started to act more modestly in general. Perhaps that’s the reason why fashion has become more plain and unpretentious.
Talk us through what you’re wearing now.
I am wearing denim on denim. I have always been fond of this look. Even though it has always been around, I think it’s interesting to work with different denim colors and styles. The top, jacket and pants are Weekday, the suspenders are Fad Three, and the boots are Dr. Martens.

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