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Gold rush

While the rest of us hibernate, these 11 American Olympians are braving the ice and snow in pursuit of a medal at the Sochi Games. They took a breather to talk to Hemispheres.

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Sasha Nialla

Pictured, from left:

Hilary Knight, 24, Ice Hockey / Julie Chu, 31, Ice Hockey / Meghan Duggan, 26, Ice Hockey

JULIE_CHU32 copy copy_EDITYou’ve all been to the Olympics before. What’s it like?
Julie: I got the experience of three really different settings. I think there’s really nothing like your first Olympics, though, especially for me, since mine were in Salt Lake City, because I got to compete on home turf.

Meghan: The Olympic Village is awesome. There’s so much going on in there, it’s unbelievable. I think it’s just fun to see all the other athletes from all the different countries, and see what they like to do and just interact with them.

Hilary: It’s cool because I’ve never been to Russia, so it will be a fun culture-changing experience, but at the end of the day, we’re there to play hockey and hopefully bring back a gold medal.

Have you guys ever broken anybody’s nose?
Meghan: A couple of them.
Hilary: I’ve never broken any, but we had a practice goalie come out this spring when we were all training for tryouts and I broke her collarbone [with a slap shot]. But purposefully, though? I’ve never hurt anybody. [laughs]

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