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Wear in… New Orleans

Amanda deLeon When it comes to New Orleans fashion, this emerging designer is an authority. Her Southern Gothic style is romantic, eclectic and mysterious—just like the city she calls home.

Author Sam Polcer Photography Sam Polcer


What is NOLA style?
It’s all over the place. On one hand you have Southern belles in cotton dresses, Mark Twains in seersucker suits—a very sweet, typical Southern style. Meanwhile, every city has its hipsters, but we have an interesting breed here. I hate to use the word “steampunk,” but it applies, especially to a lot of the young street performers. It’s kind of an apocalyptic, Mad Max thing. And then, of course, you have all the people who are into glitter and sequins because we’re always having a party here.
Where should a visitor go shopping?
I really like Weinstein’s on Magazine Street. They sell Rick Owens, Dries Van Noten … it’s good for the artful-minded, high-fashion shopper. There’s the Revival Outpost in the French Quarter, which has a really fun vintage collection. And Trashy Diva has a lot of really cool shoes.
Talk us through what you’re wearing now.
I designed the wool and fringe coat. The necklace is by Jess Leigh Jewels and the cuff is by Mignon Faget; both are local designers. The leggings are by Blackout. The labels on the boots have worn off, but I added some molded leather feathers. I love to think of New Orleans as a place where people get dressed up, especially during the winter, when it’s cool enough to do so. When I designed this line, I was planning what I wanted people to wear to my jazz funeral.
Are there any new trends you’ve noticed?
There’s a resurgence of ’90s plaid, happy-face tees and combat boots. It’s really interesting, but I can’t wear it now because I wore it the first time around. Isn’t that the rule?

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