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Premium Blend

Author Erin Brady


If there was a victim of the bespoke cocktail movement, it was clearly ’80s-style neon sour mix, which was ushered straight off the shelves and into the trash can to make room for housemade tinctures and infusions. But this also left room for a new generation of store-bought, apothecary-style mixers, such as Q tonic, Fee Brothers celery bitters and Modmix’s new organic lemon and lavender mix, which all hark back to the origins of the cocktail. The latest of these are Altar’s Herbal Martinis, which are blends of teas, herbs, juices and flavorings that have popped up everywhere from hotel bars to trendy grocery stores. Here, mixologist Troy Clarke of Boston’s Frost Ice Bar mixes up his 1912 cocktail, which blends Altar’s “Chi” mixer (made of cherry, ginger, hyssop, sumac, green tea, astragalus, kola nut, ginseng and juniper) with refreshing cucumber vodka and spicy ginger beer for a summery drink, regardless of season.

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›  2 oz. Altar Chi
›  1 oz. Crop organic cucumber vodka
›  1 oz. ginger liqueur
›  Ginger beer to taste

›  Blend Chi, vodka and ginger liqueur in a shaker with ice. Strain into a martini glass and top with ginger beer.

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