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Wear in … London: Charlotte Taylor

The up-and-coming fashion designer, fresh off the opening of her label’s first brick-and-mortar location, gives us a few pointers on London style

Author Sam Polcer Photography Sam Polcer


London has always been one of the world’s most fashion-forward cities. Why do you think that is?
London has an international crowd. We’ve got amazing galleries and exhibitions, the best magazines. It’s just got everything. That sounds a bit obvious, doesn’t it? But the thing is that you don’t ever feel like you have to conform. It’s somewhere you can really feel liberated. Ever since all the fashion movements, like the punks and the mods, people have done their own thing—and that resonates with those who come here and think, “I can actually be who I want to be without feeling like I’m getting stared at.”
And the clothes always fit well. The tailoring is exceptional, and that comes from the heritage that we have here, with Savile Row. Now, it’s becoming more accessible—you don’t have to go to super-high-end stores and tailors to have your clothes fitted. On the other end, I see people moving away from throwaway fashion, where you buy it and wear it once; people want things that are going to last a bit longer and are cut really well.
What’s the latest trend in London?
It’s all gone a bit street. Everybody’s wearing NikeiD sneakers and beanie hats with writing. It’s kind of streetwear slogan central, a mixture of Rihanna and Cara Delevingne. At the same time, there’s also this kind of preppy East London geek chic—everyone’s wearing brogues and has a bit of quirk, like a mustache. Beards are really big on guys, because they’re going back to this vintage look. I love beards, but it’s gotten so trendy that it’s no longer trendy.
Where do you usually shop?
I’m a vintage girl. I go to “car-boot” sales. People literally turn up with their cars and sell from their boot [trunk]. One good one is called the Battersea car-boot sale—it’s every Sunday.
Talk us through what you’re wearing now.
I’m wearing leopard print sandals from Office. The Hula Hoop Blue puff dress and Ram Tan pea coat are both from my label. You don’t have to wear them together, but I love clashing prints. That’s something that’s very on trend at the moment as well. People can be afraid of prints, but when they put them on they’re not that scary. And I love wearing my label’s clothes. They make me feel really good! I mean, if I didn’t, I should just give up now, right?

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