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May the Farce Be With You

Credulity goes into hyperdrive with the arrival of a real-life owner’s manual for a made-up machine

Illustration Courtesy of Del Rey


There’s taking things a little too far, and then there’s this. Not content with joining the debates on the Jedi Council Forums or making entries on Wookieepedia, illustrators Chris Reiff and Chris Trevas, along with veteran sci-fi scribe Ryder Windham, have produced a new book called Star Wars: Death Star Owner’s Technical Manual. In it, the trio deconstruct George Lucas’ fictional space station as if it were a vacuum cleaner or V8 engine, providing the technical specifications of its superlaser and energy shields alongside intricate diagrams and illustrations. Accompanying these are accounts of the Death Star’s historical origins (its design, we learn, was inspired by the Trade Federation’s spherical warships), along with a critical analysis of the moon-size station’s strengths and weaknesses. Nerdy, it is. NOV. 5

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