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Love, Indefinitely

Sixteen years after Princess Diana’s death, her greatest romance lives on in Diana

Author Jacqueline Detwiler


Some consider the volume of books, articles and movies about Princess Diana released after her death excessive, even vulgar. Naveen Andrews, who co-stars in the latest of these movies, doesn’t believe that’s always the case.

“It’s a testament to Diana’s power that she can still ignite such strong, passionate emotions,” Andrews says. “But, from the very beginning, I saw this as a very simple, pure love story.”

That love story, called Diana, shows Lady Di (a prosthetic-nosed Naomi Watts, above left) falling for the unflappable, privacy-obsessed heart surgeon Hasnat Khan (Andrews, above right), possibly the most normal man she’d ever met. The two were known to do chores together and visit pubs—in short, to do all of the tedious, ordinary things non-royals do. The pairing was often confusing to the press, but Andrews has a theory: “Hasnat seemed to be inherently decent in a way that you don’t normally see,” he says. “There was something sort of reassuringly old-fashioned about him.” NOV. 1

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