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When Carrie Met Katy

The uncanny similarities between two frightening females

Author Eleanor Ross


Stephen King’s 1974 chiller Carrie is hitting movie screens again (Oct. 18). With Chloë Grace Moretz in the title role, the remake may not have the weird presence of Sissy Spacek’s telekinetic teen, but you can be fairly sure, given recent special effects advances, that the buckets of blood will be eye catching.

Speaking of eye catching, pop princess Katy Perry is releasing her latest album, Prism, a few days after the movie’s release (Oct. 22). Of course, all similarities between Katy and Carrie end there. Or do they?

  • Carrie is bullied at school for not fitting in. Katy was bullied at school for not fitting in. Carrie responds by going onstage and visiting horror upon everyone in the room. Enough said.
  • Carrie’s mother is an overbearing religious fundamentalist. Katy’s parents have been described (by Katy) as overbearing religious fundamentalists.
  • Katy and Carrie are both known for their terrifying tantrums. Carrie’s are mostly motivated by revenge. Katy’s are mostly because she didn’t get the right kind of flowers backstage.

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