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Spin Cities

When it comes to bicycling in three different towns, fashion is as important as function

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography David Arky


NEW YORK – When New York City unveiled its Citi Bike bicycle share program in June, the New York Times streetstyle photographer Bill Cunningham was ecstatic, saying, “What I love is to see them all on wheels on their way to work in the morning, in their business suits and the women in their office clothes.” Imagine if Mr. Cunningham came across a bicycle as stylish as the people riding them, like this cherry red Gramercy bike from Martone Cycling Company. Founded by former luxury fashion publicist Lorenzo Martone, this boutique bicycle company makes monochromatic rides especially built for N.Y.C. efficiency and style. They come in various colors, but each one has a signature red chain, a basket for shopping and a two-speed hub that shifts automatically when the rider reaches 10 mph.
$899 / martonecycling.com

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