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Wear in … San Francisco

Sure, you could go to Yelp for insider tips on San Fran style, or you could just get them straight from the CEO and co-founder of the popular user-generated review site

Author Sam Polcer Photography Sam Polcer


On his ‘San Francisco’ style:
“Grounded in the traditional but with a bit of an edge.”

On the changing styles of the city’s tech workers:
“As companies have moved up to SF, I’ve found that more tech people are spending time and money on how they look and dress. I think if you go down to Google [in Mountain View, CA,] it’s probably a different story.”

On the perks of being a local celebrity:
“There’s a sandwich shop called Ike’s Place that started with an under-the-radar location; when Yelpers dug it and it became huge, they expanded and Ike named a sandwich after me. I was going through a vegan phase at the time, so I think it’s some kind of hummus and eggplant combination.”

Favorite local clothing boutique:
“The Archive has a lot of hard-to-find items. The last thing I bought there was a pair of brown leather M.A+ shoes. They’re made out of a single piece of leather, so there’s very little stitching on them.”

Best place to buy oddities:
“Paxton Gate really delivers on the weirdness of San Francisco. They’ve got lots of taxidermy and framed insects, as well as really interesting plants, some fun coffee table books, scientific tools and bones. It’s a fun place to explore.”

Go-to restaurant:
“Spruce is incredibly consistent. Neighborhood-y but elegant. Their duck breast is definitely my favorite.”
On him: Jacket by Todd Snyder;
shirt by Bespoken;
shoes by Fiorentini & Baker;
jeans by Notify;
watch by Dior Homme

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Jeremy Stoppelman himself has contributed more than 1,000 reviews to Yelp. A few excerpts from recent entries:

Guerrero Shell gas station: “You generally don’t get harassed while you’re filling up, even at rush hour, there are always pumps free.” 5/5

Roam Artisan Burgers: “The burger is soft, the bun quality is high, and the fries are addictive.” 4/5

American Apparel: “Not sure why I had to wait for so long while they debated the relative merits of different knee high socks.” 3/5

DUCCA: “We brought about 20 people here for  a work-related lunch. The outdoor patio was great … the food left much to be desired.” 2/5

Sushi Ran: “They don’t make mistakes—you do. To them, you’re an annuity … just more money in the bank.” 1/5

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