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To Your Health

A onetime fever cure gins up a following in Barcelona

Author Geraldine Campbell

Bartender Alberto Pizaro at Bobby Gin

Bartender Alberto Pizaro at Bobby Gin

BARCELONA – Spain isn’t the most obvious place in the world to find a superlative gin and tonic, a cocktail supposedly invented by the Brits to make the tonic they drank to stave off malaria more palatable. Yet in Barcelona, “gin tonics” have recently become the tipple of choice. The trend has spawned a number of new gin-focused bars, while old-school coctelerías have beefed up their selection of gins and premium tonics. At the venerable Ideal Cocktail Bar, patrons take their afternoon G&Ts with ice and lemon in a balloon glass; at Frank’s, in the Hotel Arts Barcelona, the botanicals in craft gins are highlighted with a rosemary flower, say, or a handful of grapes. The most creative cocktails, however, are at Bobby Gin, where bartender Alberto Pizaro’s Tanqueray Ten Ginfonk elevates the traditional G&T with kaffir lime leaves, chamomile bitters and tangerine juice.

Tanqueray Ten Ginfonk
›  2 oz. Tanqueray Ten
›  Kaffir lime leaves
›  2 dashes chamomile bitters
›  ½ oz. tangerine juice
›  7 oz. tonic
›  Agave syrup, to taste
 1. Soak the kaffir lime leaves in the gin overnight.
2. Strain and add gin to a pint glass filled with ice.
3. Add chamomile bitters, tangerine juice and tonic, and sweeten to taste with agave syrup.

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