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…And Stay Out!

In addition to having dapper looks, Tumi’s latest bag shuts out high-tech thieves

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Nicholas Duers


Lighten up your look with hard cases in summery colors

You know the airport caveat: Many bags look alike, so check tags carefully when retrieving your luggage. What that really means, though, is that most bags are black and boring, so you should be careful not to accidentally walk off with someone’s boring black bag of size 4 sundresses when you’re 6 feet tall (and a man). But you don’t have that problem, see, because you’ve invested in a colorful new luxury hard case. That should keep your clothes protected and clearly yours—unless you’re traveling to Ibiza or something. Then you might stand out better with plain black.

1. Zero Halliburton’s Zero Air (23-inch)
$495, zerohalliburton.com

2. Antler’s Camden Town (medium)
$400, antlerusa.com

3. Rimowa’s Salsa Air Ultralight
$475, zappos.com

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