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…And Stay Out!

In addition to having dapper looks, Tumi’s latest bag shuts out high-tech thieves

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Nicholas Duers


When the first radio frequency identification–enabled credit cards and passports were revealed in the mid-2000s, the technology promised to enhance airport security, ease lines at the supermarket checkout and revolutionize subway systems. But there was also concern that ease of use might translate into ease of abuse: namely, thieves scanning unattended bags and suitcases for credit card numbers and other private information. Though that threat hasn’t exactly brought on the scourge of high-tech pickpocketing predicted by some news outlets, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Enter Tumi’s new RFID lock, a pocket made of woven metal that shields radio frequency signals from scanners; place your sensitive items inside, and they’re effectively invisible to RFID-enabled devices. What’s more, the technology is available in Tumi’s sleek leather Ticon collection—
so regardless of whether the RFID-larceny apocalypse comes to pass, you’ll look very smart.
$1,495 / tumi.com

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