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The Month Ahead: Books


In Wear Your Dreams, Ed Hardy traces his rise to tattoo artist superstardom

THINK ABOUT TATTOOS in their most familiar form—grinning skulls, rearing tigers—and you’re thinking in large part of the work of Ed Hardy. Since starting out in California more than 40 years ago, he has perfected an exuberant, technically brilliant style that has been instrumental in not only popularizing tattoos, but also elevating them to a genuine art form. In the meantime, he himself has been elevated to international brand, with Ed Hardy apparel, fragrances, eyeglasses and energy drinks. His true medium, though, has always been skin, and Wear Your Dreams: My Life in Tattoos provides a fascinating account of how he went from marking up childhood buddies to making a true mark on the world. The book also contains examples of the work that led him to be called, quite rightly, the Godfather of Modern Tattoos. JUNE 18

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