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I got a feeling

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Thomas Liggett


These on-ear models are worth going over your head

1. If that cursive “Marshall” logo looks familiar, it’s probably because this amp company has been pumping up the sound of legendary guitar players (think Pete Townshend and Jimi Hendrix) since 1962. Released late last year, Marshall’s Major headphones pair best with the kind of hair your parents don’t approve of.
$120 / marshallheadphones.com

2.  Some noise-canceling headphones are so good, they can whisk you away from your boring desk job and straight into the best concert from your teenage years. Activate the noise cancellation on AKG by Harman’s K495 NC headset, and you might as well be on a whole different planet. One with a lot of great guitarists.
$350 / us.akg.com

3. Boasting soft leather ear cups and an adjustable plug, the spectacularly comfortable Sennheiser Momentum headphones offer crisp, full-range sound that’s more expansive than bass-heavy. And in terms of looks, they can hold their own against a stylish leather jacket—something you can’t say for most tech items.
$350 / store.sennheiserusa.com

4.  When selecting a pair of headphones, you’re often forced to choose between broad-spectrum noise cancellation and high style. But with two mics for extra noise canceling and an array of almost 20 colored headbands (sold separately), Monster’s new Inspiration active-noise-canceling headset makes that decision moot.
$330 / monsterinspiration.com

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