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I got a feeling

Author Jacqueline Detwiler Photography Thomas Liggett


That’s not an earthquake—it’s Skullcandy’s new headphones

The No. 1 rule of headphones: If you’re planning to enjoy them past the age of, say, 25, you’ve gotta turn the volume down on those suckers. This poses a problem for the manufacturers, who usually thrive on one-upping each other in terms of brain-clattering bass. So for its latest model, the Crusher, Skullcandy skipped the extra decibels and instead expanded into another sense, adding a second, battery-operated driver that amplifies bass by literally vibrating your face. The mids and highs operate through the first driver, while the lowest lows thunder through the other, rattling your mandible in time with the music. Cranking the dial to the limit yields tremors so substantial, it’s like you’re tooling around town in an old Toyota Corolla with a trunk full of subwoofers. $100 / skullcandy.com

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