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This Month’s Hottest Hotels

From London to Shanghai, we round up some of the world's most notable overnights


New York City

BACKSTORY: Built in the 1920s as a middle-class apartment hotel, The Tuscany went on to become a celebrity haunt (Audrey Hepburn used to hang out in the café now named in her honor). It also carries the distinction of being New York’s first hotel with telephones in all its bathrooms, back in 1955.

IDEAL GUEST: This resort is popular among certain Holly wood stars, who come here to top off their creative juices and their tans. It’s also perfect for those who are eager to get close to Mother Earth but would prefer to do so while lounging beside a private pool.

WHAT YOU’LL FIND JUST OUTSIDE: Recently acquired from Starwood by the St. Giles Group (which also owns The Court next door), The Tuscany reopened this year after a multimillion-dollar renovation. Among the upgrades: 46-inch televisions, subway-tiled bathrooms and leather-and-oak finishes that straddle the line between hip and dignified.

ROOM WITH A VIEW: The Tuscany’s 17th-story penthouse, rumored to have been rented by George Clooney at one point, has a wraparound terrace that offers an unparalleled view of two anchors of the Manhattan skyline: the Empire State Building on one side, and the Chrysler Building on the other.

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